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Roteirizada e produzida por Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek) a série baseada nos livros de Diana Gabaldon (publicado no Brasil como A Viajante do Tempo) acompanha vida de Claire, uma enfermeira de combate na Segunda Guerra Mundial que acaba viajando no tempo para o ano de 1743 e imediatamente é inserida em um mundo desconhecido de aventuras que a fazem temer pela própria vida.
A personagem, casada no século XX, é obrigada a trocar alianças com Jamie, um jovem e romântico guerreiro escocês, e fica dividida entre dois homens diferentes em duas vidas irreconciliáveis.
Classificação IMDb8.5/10 – 44,116 votos Título originalOutlanderDuração64 minAno2014 Estreia09 Aug 2014 PaísUSALínguaEnglish, Scottish GaelicDirectorN/AEscritaRonald D. MoorePrêmiosNominated for 3 Golden Globes. Another 12 wins & 14 nominations.GêneroSeriesElencoCaitriona Balfe, Duncan Lacroix, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies

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Something about Celtic landscapes and music resonates in me, I’m not sure if its because I’m vaguely a descendant, but to this day the soundtrack to Braveheart sends shivers down my spine.

This is essentially the story of a post WW2 nurse who somehow gets sent back approximately 200 years to the tumultuous violent Scottish past.

The pilot shows a great deal of promise, the casting is great, score and cinematography all superb.

Unfortunately for me all of the promise came in the last 20 minutes of the episode, for the first 40 or so ponderous minutes we see nothing but back story, her time in the war, her somewhat fragile bond with her husband and their “honeymoon” to Scotland. Some of this information is pertinent, and certainly some introduction into the character’s life BEFORE being thrown back in time is necessary to really grasp how unsettling and inexplicable what she sees is, but unfortunately 40 minutes was just too long.

After that somewhat arduous 40 minutes, when the protagonist Claire does wind up in the middle of the Plaid wearing sword brandishing Scottish highlands, the episode was phenomenal. We are introduced to the villain, we meet the rather dashing love interest, and we get a glimpse into the interesting topic of being someone with contemporary knowledge (primarily in her case of medicine, as a nurse) in a Feudal time, and we finally get some Bagpipes.

Even with the pilot’s time allocation not being to my personal tastes, I’m very excited about this show. I think now they have fully introduced the back story future episodes will have more freedom to focus on the heart of this time travel tale. I have a feeling along side Vikings this will be one of the best period shows of the decade.

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Porn and sadism wrapped up in one show.
Author: Bedivere17 from United States
31 October 2015
Another British time-period series featuring British fondness for corporal punishment and gay rape. The author Galbadon, obviously has a personal fetish for whips and chains and wanted to write an S&M novel, but needed give it some kind of vehicle; so she picked a thin, overused plot (time travel romance – again?), and a country and time period she admits she knew nothing about, as a thin cover-up for her torture-porn novels. Add some Celtic charm and music and nice photography and it makes the show pass by – barely. In the first two episodes the hero has a dislocated shoulder, is shot in the shoulder, then flogged, then beaten. That’s just the first two episodes. He should be dead by now. I opted to not watch the last ones with the long drawn out gay rape and torture that seems to entertain thousands of today’s sick and lurid viewers. And I keep reading the other reviews complaining about the violence to women and the attempted rapes, but the only rape I see so far is the guy. It reminds me of Mel Gibson’s (another perverted S&M junkie) in his movies such as the Passion. Furthermore, half of the conversations between the hero and heroine are about what?…his floggings. It’s just too much. I get really sick from reading and watching page after page or minute after minute of lurid rape and torture, it frankly killed the entire mood of what should have been a colorful beautiful Celtic period romance. I walked away from it all feeling sick at heart for the sick people who enjoy this stuff on the pretense that it’s such a beautiful moving Celtic romance with great acting. Is there an elephant in their room? They are sick(!) Why does our society get off so much on this stuff?

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Tedious, Ponderous, Clichéd, Pretty Series
Author: curtis martin from Bothell, Washington, Land of Rain
2 October 2014
“Pretty” is the only positive comment I can think of after having just suffered through the first episode. The Scottish backdrop is gorgeous and the performers are predictably attractive. The plot is an incredibly cliché mix of young adult fantasy and harlequin romance. Now that combo could have worked, but unfortunately that possibility was killed by the poor pacing of the story. The…pace … is … GLACIAL. So slow. The first dull hour I watched only had enough story for twenty minutes of film at best. What’s even more annoying is that much of the outrageous padding is due to the almost constant narration that stretches out every non-dialog scene. Its tedious and redundant, adding to nothing but the running time. The entire first episode could have easily been edited down to 20 minutes. Zzxxxxxxxxx zzzzzzzzzz

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I wanted to like this…
Author: edjofsanity from USA
22 October 2014
I have read the first 3 books (are there more?) of the series (the third one was a chore to get through). What got off to a slow start kept me interested with the inclusion of time travel, burly men I wanted to believe I could become and a decent love story of two souls from different times – literally.

This is exactly what the TV series portrays, only much worse. The narration of the episodes comes off like an audio book. The main character is not portrayed as strong as the character in the book. But worst of all, they have totally embraced the love story in sickly, saccharined camp. It’s all very hard to digest. I couldn’t help but notice almost all of the “good” reviews are from women. That should be a pretty good indication for your decision to watch this show or not. If you are still interested in this show I would recommend that you save yourself hours of mind-numbing soapbox drama and just watch Bravehart again.

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Caitrona Balfe as Claire…awful acting
Author: Blake Martinson from United States
19 April 2015
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The high ratings and praise of Balfe’s performance are most likely coming from fans of the decades old series of books and would give it a 10/10 just because they have been waiting so long for the books to come to the screen. If stumpy old Tom Cruise was cast as Jamie and Big Bird as Claire, they would still love it so there is no talking to those emotionally invested die-hards. I have never read the books nor do I plan on it. The scenery is gorgeous because Scotland is gorgeous, so Scotland gets a 10/10. yay Scotland! I am pretty sure I am the demographic they were trying to hit with this…and they almost had me. Thankfully, the horrible acting of Caitrona Balfe has pulled me from the brink of outlander super fan. First off the opening theme song is so awful that it is embarrassing. So bad, in fact, that I have to fast forward or mute it. It’s a predictable formula… a love story, travel, adventure, a handsome and sexy Scottish warrior with a heart of pure gold (yes, you WILL fall in love with Sam’s portrayal of Jamie – you just will)….ehhhh then there is Claire and Balfe’s god awful acting and execution. In almost every episode Calire is being rescued from beatings or sexual assault yet the way Balfe portrays it…there is no emotion as if a Scottish clan with no ties to you are expected and required to keep rescuing you – in other words she is supposed to be tough and independent but her mouth keeps writing checks her ass can’t cash and is constantly being rescued by Jamie or his uncle. It’s almost as if Balfe is reading from que cards. There is never any emotion in her face or inflection in her voice, I mean none at all – she cold be having sex or tossed in a dungeon and it is still the same facial expression and tone of voice. Her body build is disturbing, in scenes where she is naked you can count her ribs she looks very sickly and reminds me of the skeleton that used to hang in my Biology class. A horrible casting choice putting a very weak actress as the foundation of this story. I have been told from people that have read the book, Balfe is physically nothing like she is described in the book. The genius that casted Balfe as Claire would probably cast Gabourey Sidibe as Karen Carpenter and Eddie Murphy as MLK…total is the moron that made this casting choice and I do believe it will be the death of this promising series after a year or two. This could have been a long running show but the scenery and other cast members can only support Balfe’s tiresome and uninteresting acting so long before they change the channel. The main character has to be someone people like and cares about the story – after 6 episodes I just don’t care about Claire or her story as executed by Balfe. If they were to replace her I think this series has a shot at being a classic…as it stands now I am turning the channel and canceling my Starz subscription.

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Don’t allow this trash in your head
Author: sesack4th from United States
26 May 2015
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have read all of the books. I love Claire and all of the wonderful adventures she gets into. I love her wit, good graces and ability to land on her feet without hurting anyone. I love Jaime. I love his loyalty to his family and friends and his great leadership skills for such a young man. Gabaldon is a great story teller that has her readers coming back time after time.

This Outlander is outlandish and has become purulent maggoty tripe in the hands of the screen play writers who seem to enjoy brutal rape and torture scenes. I am watching “Wentworth Prison” This is horrible. I know what I read and it is not what I’m seeing. This Claire is a whining, useless, skinny hysteric. This Jaime is way too short and is a hot-headed child. I’ll not give you any actual spoilers as this whole pot for a plot is spoiled enough. Now I must go and wash out my mouth, ears and eyes.

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Lots of romance and love making not much else
Author: Bohemian81 from Netherlands
23 May 2015
A sci-fi adventure into the past containing not much adventure or sci-fi but instead a lot of romance and overly long scenes of making love. I was hoping the pace would pick up and something interesting to happen but instead the pace gets slower with every episode.

Speaking of the love making scenes: after episode 8 they are present in abundance and overly long. After a while it starts getting on your nerves. Especially the FAKE moans….

In the beginning the show had some “adventure” going on but after episode 8 it starts to get really repetitive. Every episode is more or less the same: Claire gets into trouble. To highlight the danger her shirt is ripped open and boobs hanging out. Then she needs saving by her handsome knight in shining armor and they make love afterward (or beforehand, or in between…).

Overall i am really disappointed. I feel tricked into watching this. After investing countless hours into this it turns out to be just another romance story. Hardly anything interesting is done with the time travel aspect besides setting up the romance with her 18th century hunk.

This is clearly not intended for a male audience! Don’t be fooled.

However on a positive note: the location, set pieces, costumes, cast and production are all excellent. If romance is your thing you will probably like this.

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Holy Steamy
Author: nvanvalleygirl from Australia
20 April 2015
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow! This series, I expected to watch it and enjoy. I have read all of the Gabaldan books and thought there is no way that anyone could pull off the love story between Jamie and Claire. When the casting news came out I thought – not sure about the choices of Heughnan and Balfe. I was wrong.

Heughnan and Balfe are Jamie and Claire and when I look back on the books, I visualize these actors in the roles. They have done a fantastic job bringing these characters to life. The chemistry between the two is incredible and I would go so far to say this is one of the steamiest series on TV and maybe a little hot.

Can’t wait to see how long this runs for and if we will see Claire and Jamie’s journey to France and America.

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lots of tits not much story
Author: c-r-mcewen from Australia
9 October 2014
This would be a great story for a movie but to drag it out just to make it a soap opera has stuffed it. In 8 1 hour shows we are about 15 minutes into the story line of a movie, that is if the writer is able to write an ending, something writers nowadays don’t seem to be able to do. If a story doesn’t have a beginning a middle and the ending then it is just another soap opera. if not for the boobs I would have turned off after show 4 when it became obviously that it was becoming a soap opera with no ending. I won’t be waiting to find out what happened each week I might wait until there is about 10 shows have been aired and then get a summary from someone in about 5 minutes. it isn’t worth sitting through 1 hour to get 5 minutes of story and some tits. If this were to be made as a movie I would love it the story line is great for a movie but, as you have shown with this show, that not all stories can be made into a soap this one should be a movie.

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Torture porn
Author: mandemakerphotos
20 April 2016
The first few episodes were more or less intelligently done and the acting is good throughout. But towards the end the show deteriorates into unwatchable torture porn. If you have any humanity in you, you can’t watch about half the scenes of the penultimate and final episodes. I read somewhere that the makers peddle a nonsensical rationalization of the graphic, horrific scenes of rape and torture. They claim that they wanted to show how hard it is to deal with trauma, alone and inside a relationship. Bullocks. It’s torture and rape porn, and it’s bad for your soul.

There’s a worrying tendency in TV series (another example is Game of Thrones) to show very graphic, detailed, prolonged scenes of torture. Who wants to watch that? Decent people look away or, like I did, stop watching the show altogether; what do less decent people feel when they do keep watching? Pleasure? I hope not.

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